Bulletstorm Review: It’s Brash, It’s Funny, It’s Not Your Traditional Shooter

Bulletstorm strikes me as conceivably the most especially legendary strongly masculine game for masculine men. Delivered in February 2011, the apparently forward thinking first-individual shooter has delighted in it decent amount of business achievement and profoundly certain surveys notwithstanding having been vigorously studied and investigated for containing ‘unseemly’ satisfied.


Bulletstorm is a ridiculously silly and savagery baffled sci-fi ‘epic’ (kind of) set in the 26th hundred years. The game essentially follows the account of dark operations usable turned space privateer, Grayson Hunt, and his renegade team. Following a liquor incited and disastrous endeavor at vengeance against his previous boss, General Sarrano, Grayson winds up abandoned on Stygia, a planet previously colonized as an interstellar retreat presently overwhelm by freaks. With half of his standing group lost to the outcome of his tanked carelessness, Grayson sets out on a frantic quest for a way to leave the spurn planet, meanwhile persevering through the hazards that Stygia brings to the table.

Story wise, while Bulletstorm isn’t by and large shortsighted in nature, there is certainly not a ton of substance to be had past Grayson’s excursion and inspirations. Generally, the all-encompassing plot gadgets are really regular, unsurprising even at certain (while possibly not most) points. On a somewhat certain note, the story truly does incidentally sparkle with a small bunch of epic, amazing, profoundly captivating and incredibly entertaining minutes, particularly so when highlighted by the characters of Grayson’s buddies (the remote controlled dinosaur fragment made me ‘haha).

Given the apparently cheerful nature of the game, the shallowness of Bulletstorm’s general plot appears to be strangely proper. The games recounts to a story that is straightforward, no nonsense and at last clear, also rough. For all its one-dimensionality, it appropriately plays on ideas of endurance, retaliation and recovery, thoughts that anybody, gamer or not, can 44-40 ammo for sale without much of a stretch connect with.


Dissimilar to the vast majority of driving titles in the class out available today, Bulletstorm isn’t by and large the thing one would stringently think about a conventional first-individual shooter.

First of all, Bulletstorm is intensely and imaginatively adapted, to such an extent that the pattern of authenticity in present day standard shooters doesn’t exactly apply to the furthest reaches. For instance, as a soldier, Grayson can absorb an incredibly cruel measure of advanced lead, which, when combined with the sheer damaging capability of Grayson’s arsenal, renders strategic development and cover an all around untimely idea. Do the trick to express, thinking about the way that your buddies don’t really ‘pass on’, it takes a considerable amount to fall flat at this game.

Grayson’s arsenal certainly takes hostile and rough ongoing interaction to the limit. As the game advances, players have the choice to equip Grayson with weapons traversing any semblance of fourfold barrelled shotguns, expert marksman rifles that discharge homing touchy rounds, convenient launchers that shoot cannonballs and dangerous chain thrashes, also his sets of material science challenging gravity boots and energy rope. Exceptionally extreme, exceptionally savage, and even more diversion for players ready to briefly suspend themselves in the activity stuffed soul of the game.

In view of all that, it must be said that Bulletstorm is certainly not a game that requires much in the method of destructive precision or situational/strategic mindfulness. Rather, for all its roughness and viciousness, Bulletstorm is a shooter that supports speed, wanton annihilation, and all the more critically, inventive killing techniques, which carries us to the subject of Skillshots.


The skillshot repairman is basically Bulletstorm’s essential selling highlight and a key interactivity component that separates the game from its FPS comrades. With each passing kill, Grayson chalks up skillpoints (SP). These skillpoints act as in-game cash and might be utilized to buy weapons, updates and ammo from dropkits dissipated across Stygia.

The quantity of skillpoints Grayson gets per kill is prevalently founded on the technique by which players take out their enemies. Most importantly, a basic run-and-firearm methodology will probably net players a measly 10 focuses per attack rifle kill. Nonetheless, players will plant kills of dramatically higher skillpoint worth would it be advisable for them they innovatively dispatch their foes while sticking to specific circumstances. Killing an adversary while inebriated or by kicking a foe into an electrified barrier for instance nets 100 and 500 skillpoints individually.

Skillshots add a lot of dynamic and diversion to Bulletstorm’s as of now forceful, high speed and confrontational ongoing interaction. Generally, skillshots are tremendously amusing to try and fashioned obliteration with, particularly so to the detriment of Grayson’s many fluctuated adversaries. A specialist is very player reliant, visual and gives moment input. It is, as I would like to think, an imaginatively smart specialist that was intended to be obviously fundamental to succeed but incredibly enjoyable to work with.

On a slight drawback, as players progress towards Bulletstorm’s mid to end game, skillshots start to lose their oddity as the game expansions in challenge, practically ruling out imaginative trial and error for speed and effectiveness, prompting rehashed utilization of similar arrangement of weapons and skillshots. Furthermore, by mid to end game, skillpoint use is to some degree restricted as once players overhaul all parts of their weapons, there is very little else put your ‘hard-procured’ cash in other than ammunition tops off. It might be said, it might leave players thinking, ‘Okay, it looks cool, yet why bother?’


Stygia’s plenty of freaks regardless, Bulletstorm highlights a modest bunch of key plot characters that, at various storyline points, goes with Grayson on his trip through the neglected planetary hotel.

However, between the game’s driving NPCs (Ishi, Trishka and Sarrano), I can’t exactly claim to unmistakably preferring one person over another (Trishka is really hot). All in all, the game’s characters (GraysonMoreoever, in addition to the fact that they give a decent proportion of character contrast close to Grayson’s blunt brew chugging extremely confident man persona, they contribute an incredible arrangement to improve Bulletstorm’s storyline, which is in itself rather unsatisfying.

On a connected note, I for one tracked down that given Bulletstorm’s setting and by and large, the NPCs’ snide remarks and warmed cussive trades, while not invited by certain players, significantly add to the rough and abrasive nature of the game and appropriately portray the disappointment and distress of Grayson’s nearby problem of making due and getting away from Stygia.


Where Bulletstorm strays from or needs photograph authenticity, it compensates for with incredibly wonderful scenes and tragic and cutting edge engineering of epic scale and plan. The game’s craft course might be vigorously adapted however commonly first rate, bragging and particularly differentiating variety plot (practically pseudo-silly) and extraordinary thoughtfulness regarding minute subtleties, encompassing lighting and ‘enhancements’.

Regardless, for a super silly, rough and unreasonably brutal space experience that doesn’t go over the top with itself every one of, Bulletstorm’s illustrations are as photograph practical as the game will permit it to be.


As I’ve referenced, Bulletstorm has been intensely examined for highlighting what some (or many) may consider as ‘unseemly’ happy, specifically it’s unrefined language, inordinate portrayals of viciousness and explicit utilization of sexual allusion in its down mechanics (skillshot names).

From where I’m standing, I track down no issue with Bulletstorm in those regards. I concur that the game pushes a few limits with content that might appear to be serious or risqu to some, however thinking about Bulletstorm as a whole bundle insight, the general energy oozed by the game and its characters, while over-the-top, feels appropriately set up.


Bulletstorm gave me a gaming experience that I’ve not had in a decent drawn-out period of time. It interests me as in while it was to a great extent pleasant, it is inherently a pretty ‘idiotic’ game, what with its ceaseless stream of latrine humor and for the most part reckless mentality. But, everything (indeed, most things) in the game’s plan appears to have been genuinely assembled. As they say, one of those games urges you to leave your mind at ‘Startup’ and further welcomes you to make a plunge and lose yourself in the sheer viciousness basically.

The story isn’t excessively profound. Remembering players on target with an unmistakable objective is clear and adequately unsurprising. In any case, while I comprehend that as much as the game wishes to keep itself fairly amusingly cheerful, the story actually felt disappointingly average. In all honesty, if not for the exhibitions by its supporting characters, Bulletstorm’s story would have handily bombed.

By and large, interactivity was agreeable, certainly captivating, however it was not even close to splendid. Overall, the game doesn’t offer much in that frame of mind of accuracy of strategic ‘challenge’. All things being equal, it essentially offers a long line of activity pressed battle experiences filled with disappointingly low-AI adversaries that, combined with its skillshot framework, is incredibly great, twisted enjoyable to damagingly step through. Towards Bulletstorm’s end in any case, the most common way of killing gets rather dull, even with skillshots close by, and very summons no pride by the game’s decision (to a great extent to some degree because of the counter climactic shutting to the story). De-awareness or terrible substance and pacing? I’d put issue on a tad of both.

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