Care of Spring and Gas Airsoft Guns – A Short Course

Alright, I am back with one more short seminar on care of airsoft firearms, this time we will assist the fledglings and week enders for certain tips and ideas that will work on the exhibition and add life span to their weapons.

Spring Guns

This was the principal sort of airsoft weapon yet the most dependable. With legitimate consideration it will keep going for quite a long time.


Oil all pieces of weapon somewhat after each utilization. Clean within barrel when each utilization with cleaning pole, fix and silicone oil.

Assuage the strain in the heart and any  50 Beowulf ammo for sale , for example, the magazine spring.

The fountainhead strain is feeling better by pulling the trigger, with weapon pointed in a protected bearing, shooting the firearm will eliminate the pressure.

To alleviate the strain in the magazine spring, you should empty the magazine.


Get the firearm wet or drop it.

Utilize genuine firearm oil or any oil other than silicone oil.

Set the firearm aside for any time span without the legitimate oiling and cleaning. (See above)


There are two kinds of gas firearms that are well known today, CO2 and Green Gas. We will examine these independently.



Oil the firearm all around after each utilization. Clean within barrel when each utilization with a cleaning bar, fix and silicone oil.

Utilize just the right CO2 cartridges

Oil the slides on Blow Back weapons consistently.


Get the weapon wet or drop it.

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