The Unvarnished Truth about Marital Therapy

You are not alone if you want to know how to keep your marriage together even if counseling doesn’t work. Every year, millions of couples seek counseling, only to find that their relationships are still strained and haven’t made any progress. I made some significant discoveries and learnt the real truth about marriage counseling after coming very close to getting a divorce myself.

There are many amazing therapists and counselors who work very hard in the world. This post does not aim to disparage or minimize the job that they accomplish. The reality is that couples who go to counseling experience divorce at rates that are comparable to those of couples who do not. Further research indicates that the success rate of conventional marriagevirtual counseling is only around 20%.

The majority of counselors’ education and training appear to be the source of the issue. Instead of virtual counseling, the majority of this education emphasizes individual therapy. The individual’s happiness and sense of fulfillment in life are emphasized. Using this same strategy to relationships is frequently very unsuccessful and may even exacerbate issues. Usually, the focus of this kind of counseling is on improving communication abilities. Although communication is crucial in marriages, it is frequently not the root of the issue, and it is unlikely that improved communication will be able to save a marriage in trouble.

Would you visit a pricy physician who failed to successfully treat 80% of his patients? Marriage counseling can cost thousands of dollars, but many couples still get divorced. We went through the process of improving our communication skills while attending marriage counseling. However, improved communication just led us to fight more effectively. Despite our counselor’s (a PhD) best efforts, we received no actual benefit from any of the counseling sessions we attended.

I was desperate to find a means to rescue my marriage after making an unsuccessful attempt at marriage counseling and almost getting a divorce in the process. I’m incredibly grateful to have learned the truth. Despite my wife’s desire for a divorce, I managed to save my marriage. I gained knowledge on what to do, what to say, and a tried-and-true process that not only saved our marriage but also transformed our lives.

A marriage that had a solid foundation of love, trust, and faith is frequently afterwards found to be in “troubled waters.” There are numerous factors that could have influenced the issues. Your marriage may simply “not feel right” or it may appear as though it is about to collapse and disintegrate. Nevertheless, hold onto hope—you might only require a little Christian marriage counseling.

Any Christian relationship may be transformed into the marriage of your dreams by following these 5 undiscovered steps, which will make it not only a healthy and solid connection but also a strong one. You will discover that by adhering to these Christian counseling insider tips, you can have a lovely, thrilling, and heartwarming relationship in almost no time since you both love Him. Are you prepared for some advice from a Christian marital counselor?

In order to have a successful and fulfilling marriage, are you both prepared and willing to venture outside of your comfort zones? If both of you honestly said “yes,” you may be sure that your efforts will yield the desired outcomes. It will be a little harder and take a little longer if only you are prepared to do that and your spouse isn’t, but the likelihood that you can reclaim or achieve the desired dream companionship is still quite strong.

Your ability to reclaim and sustain your personal happiness is without a doubt. Simply implement as many of these top-secret strategies as you are able to, and over time, you’ll be astonished by the fruitful effects that a little Christian marriage counseling with the aid of one or more Christian counselors offer guidance in-person or through the word generates.

Kindly but honestly express your happy experiences, aspirations, frustrations, and emotions, including rage. During your thirty minutes together, treat your partner like the most important person in your life. If needed, act fake. So regardless of how poorly you think the other person is acting respectfully, be sincere in your dialogue. During this “conversation time,” treat your partner as Christ would if he or she were sitting next to you both. A visit for some Christian marriage counseling may be a great choice if you’re struggling with this phase.

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